When I launched the new Legacy Strength & Movement site, I had more than a few marketing ‘experts’ explain to me the importance of showing results in my pics with my clients. That I had to show the physical changes people had made while working with me in order to make prospects feel the confidence that yes, working with me was going to be the ticket to a getting the body that they always wanted.

And look, I get it.

That desire is fully understandable. And, in marketing terms, it makes sense.

But, here’s my stance: fat loss is 80% diet. What’s more, looking good is, first and foremost, about losing fat.

Not weight loss, mind you. Fat loss.

Sure, getting more movement, especially quality movement, is a crucial part of the weight loss AND fat loss formula. And, the pursuit of strength is equally important to success in the process.

I just won’t mislead visitors to my site with the idea that ‘joining a gym,’ or ‘getting a personal trainer,’ or ‘just getting more exercise’ is the answer. Which Before & After photos tend to imply.

Instead, the photos on this site embrace and celebrate the relationships that I enjoy with my clients. Many become good friends of mine. We spend time together outside the four walls of our training space. We have dined together, gone to sporting events together, enjoyed backyard barbecues together; in short, we enjoy each others’ company.

I cherish my clients, not just as clients, but genuinely for the people they are. I’m a coach, not just a trainer.