Unlike me in high school, the website is getting pretty dated. So, construction is underway to reflect more of the functional neurology that has really shown an uptick in demand over the last year (and because metrics says web visitors only are looking at specific pages). In the meantime, here’s a brief rundown of the education and certifications through Z-Health Performance Solutions that have truly changed my approach to pain mitigation and performance enhancement for myself and my people in the time since this site first launched:

Z-Health Movement Reeducation Specialist – This certification provides the foundation for brain-centered assisted exercise. It includes assessments for gait, posture, cerebellar and brainstem function, Additionally, it altered the way I viewed all forms of exercise and the expression of brain health through movement. Many of the drills and assessments I picked up in this “ground floor” specialization remain vital components of my ever-expanding tool chest.

Z-Health Movement Integration Specialist – This secondary level specialization is foundational in its own right as it builds on the previous certification and begins the process of exploring the inner ear and eye relationship to increased performance and decreased pain signals. What’s more, this certification looks at movement templates and advanced concepts in the stability-mobility continuum to enhance athleticism for every client.

Z-Health Movement Performance Specialist – The third certification in the Z-Health core curriculum is often mistakenly thought of as the “sport specific” certification, with its focus on high level body awareness and practice protocols. Instead, every individual benefits from this kind of work, particularly those in pain. On top of that, this certification addresses rhythm, pacing, anticipation, and peripheral field training to create more functional people in every walk of life.

Z-Health Therapeutic Exercise Specialist – The top tier of the Z-Health base courses is all about nociception and its modulation for lowering pain responses and enhancing performance. While each level builds on the previous, at this level, it is vital that practitioners understand neuroanatomy, the science of pain, and the power of reducing threat, because this level will magnify all of that knowledge and bolster it with even more tools that benefit everyone in a practitioner’s roster.

For all the possible reasons I chose Z-Health, it was their Vision Statement that sealed it for me:

“The goal of Z-Health Performance Solutions is to help create professionals that are in the top 1% of their respective fields.”